What are the investment selection criteria of the Fund?

Eligibility criteria include but are not limited to (i) financial, social and environmental viability of the investment including macroeconomic effects on the local economy and (ii) managerial capacity of the investment management team to implement and execute the investment. In addition, the project should adhere to an equity/sub-debt to total asset ratio of 33% and should ideally already have some operational structures in place and should have exceeded the planning stage.

Are investments with a total volume of less than USD 5m excluded from financing via AATIF?

No, investment applicants with scalable investments that can demonstrate significant development impacts and are economically feasible should also be presented for exceptions from the USD 5m rule.

Are investments with a total volume of more than USD 15m excluded from financing via AATIF?

No, with an increasing Fund volume over time AATIF will be able to offer larger size investments. In addition, AATIF may be able to find co-investment partners in order to provide a comprehensive financing solution for larger investments.