Does AATIF provide subsidies or grants?

No, AATIF has the aim to provide market based financing, and does not provide subsidies or grants. It can provide financing in the form of debt, mezzanine or equity.

Beneficiaries of the Fund may qualify for a grant from the Technical Assistance Facility, for example to provide managerial training to cooperatives or agricultural risk management classes for employees of Financial Institutions or Intermediaries receiving financing from the Fund.

Do I have to pay back the full amount?

Yes, the AATIF provides debt, mezzanine or equity financing. Except for the Technical Assistance, any funding has to be fully repaid.

Can the BMZ, ILO, KfW, Deutsche Bank or other involved brands be used for public relations?

No use of brands is allowed without the prior written consent of the concerned parties. The terms of use of the AATIF logo and a description of the program can be determined with the Fund directly.