Investment Portfolio as of 30 June 2019

Agrivision Africa
Direct Investment, Zambia
AATIF loan: USD 10m, Term 5 years + extension for up to 10 years

  • Wheat, maize, soy and seed farm in a newly established farming cluster
  • Vertical integration into wheat and maize processing via a captive mill in the Copperbelt region
  • Contribution to food security and capacity expansion

Africa Milling Company
Direct Investment Company
AATIF Loan: USD 11m

  • Financing of wheat and maize at stock to be processed by the mill
  • Innovative financing structure first of its kind in Zambia in co-operation with a local bank administering the facility
  • Provision of liquidity into the market during harvesting period ensuring that farmers can sell against cash as and when produce is available

Financial Institution, East Africa
AATIF loan: USD 25m, Term 5 years

  • Supporting growth of local agric funding
  • Credit protection in the form of risk sharing

Banque NSIA
Intermediary, Cote d'Ivoire
AATIF loan: EUR 30m, Term 5 years

  • Part of the insurance group NSIA, Banque NSI is a leading commercial bank in Ivory Coast
  • The funding shall enable the bank to provide capital to its agricultural loan book, mainly orientated towards co-operatives in the region.

Coopers-K Brands Kenya
Direct Investment, Kenya
AATIF loan: USD 4m

  • Financing of a plant for the production of minerals and nutritional supplements for livestock
  • High quality, local value added production

Intermediary, Pan Africa, 26 countries
AATIF loan: USD 30m, Term 5 years

  • Supply chain manager of agricultural commodities
  • Connecting smallholder farmers to global commodity markets

Direct Investment, Ghana
AATIF loan: USD 5.3m, Term 5 years + extension

  • Ghanaian rice producer
  • Partnership with smallholders
  • Nucleus farm concept rented from local community with members of the Copa Connect scheme being able to produce high quality rice for the local market

Mount Meru Millers
Direct Investee Company, Zamnbia
AATIF loan: USD 5m, Term 7 years

  • Leading edible oil and feed cake producer in Zambia
  • Production reduces dependency of Zambia to imports; currently 60% of edible oil into Zambia is being imported although the country could serve local demand with its own resources and become self-sustaining
  • AATIF finances the expansion of the refinery, storage and packaging capacity
  • AATIF supports the local sourcing strategy of the miller increasing its engagement with smallholder farmers producing sunflower and cotton seed

Financial Institution, Togo
AATIF loan: EUR 20m,Term 365 days

  • Working capital facility to provide the bank with liquidity at the time of harvesting
  • Orabank finances significant amounts of the off-take by co-operatives or traders from local farmers - which generally brings the banking sector to its limits during peak times in the harvesting season
  • AATIF funding provides liquidity as and when needed to allow for farmers being paid when the season is over and farmers are relying on cash to come in

Financial Institution, Nigeria
AATIF loan: USD 15m, Term 4,5 years

  • SME orientated financial institution co-operating closely with NIRSAL to serve the Nigerian sector in a better way
  • Bank is competitively positioning itself as a private sector solution to finance the agricultural sector

TD Bank
Financial Institution, COMESA*
AATIF loan: USD 30m,Term 5 years

  • Multilateral development bank
  • Private sector related trade and project/infrastructure financing

Intermediary, Ghana
AATIF loan: USD 20m, Term 3 years

  • Distributor of inputs, off-taker of cocoa, maize & cotton
  • Collaboration with smallholder farmers (cocoa, cotton, maize)