Investment Portfolio

Intermediary, Ghana
AATIF loan: USD 20m, Term 3 years

  • Distributor of inputs, off-taker of cocoa, maize & cotton
  • Collaboration with smallholder farmers (cocoa, cotton, maize)

Direct Investment, Sierra Leone
AATIF loan: USD 0.25m, Term 5 years

  • Blockfarming and trading
  • Strengthening of local cocoa and coffee value chain

Financial Institution, East Africa
AATIF loan: USD 25m, Term 5 years

  • Supporting growth of local agric funding
  • Credit protection in the form of risk sharing

Agrivision Africa
Direct Investment, Zambia
AATIF loan: USD 10m, Term 5 years

  • Wheat, maize and soy farm
  • Vertical integration into wheat and maize processing via a captive mill

Direct Investment, Ghana
AATIF loan: USD 5.3m, Term 5 years

  • Ghanaian rice producer
  • Partnership with smallholders

Intermediary, Pan Africa, 26 countries
AATIF loan: USD 30m, Term 5 years

  • Supply chain manager of agricultural commodities
  • Connecting smallholder farmers to global commodity markets

Chase Bank
Financial Institution, Kenya
AATIF loan: USD 10m, Term 5 years

  • Kenyan commercial bank focused on SMEs
  • On-lending activities target investments along the entire agricultural value chain

PTA Bank
Financial Institution, COMESA*
AATIF loan: USD 30m,Term 5 years

  • Multilateral development bank
  • Private sector related trade and project/infrastructure financing

Cape Concentrate
Direct Investment, South Africa
AATIF Loan: USD 8m, Term 5 years

  • Processing of tomatoes
  • Tomato supply mostly via mentorship farming programmes with local communities