Oragroup S.A.

Increasing access to finance in francophone Africa

Country: Togo

Type of investment: Financial Institution

Purpose: Financing of agricultural businesses

Financial close: June 2019

Tenor: 1 year

Type of Investment: senior debt

S&E Category: FI

Mid 2019, AATIF executed a EUR 20m agricultural lending facility with Oragroup S.A. (“Oragroup”) in Togo. The facility has a 12-month tenor and a renewal option at the end of the initial term. Oragroup is an SME bank with a solid footprint across francophone Africa operating 139 branches across 12 countries.

Oragroup has a strong SME focus and presence in least developed countries (LDCs) with 10 out of the 12 countries it serves falling into that category. It further serves landlocked countries namely Chad, Mali and Niger. The need for SME funding, especially in these countries, remains insufficiently provided for by commercial banks and development finance institutions, hence AATIF’s facility is intended to support filling this funding gap.

The majority of SMEs in the region are active in the agricultural sector. To date Oragroup focuses on inventory and pre-export financing for crops such as cocoa, cashew, cotton, sesame, shea nut and sugar. The bank targets SMEs as well as cooperatives. At the point of closing the facility with AATIF funding to cooperatives had financed commodities of over 7,000 smallholder farmers.  Oragroup further has a keen focus to reach the un-banked population across its region and has hence developed a mobile strategy targeting the rural population.

AATIF seeks to partner with Oragroup to further drive the expansion of these two strategies – access to finance for SMEs and access to finance for the unbanked population. Both are critical components for West African businesses and farmers to expand their agricultural activities and allowing their exports to be competitive in global markets.

Agricultural portfolio


Agricultural portfolio as a percentage of total bank portfolio 12/2018

agricultural sub-loans


Number of agricultural sub-loans benefitting from AATIF funding seasonally

Number of employees


Female employees


Male employees

Orabank has a total workforce of 2,015 employees, comprised of 815 female employees (40%) and 1,200 male employees (60%).

  • Figures are based on latest available self-reported data by investees and data collected by AATIF’s collaboration partners
  • Figures are subject to change as and when additional information becomes available
  • Figures reported here are not replacing rapid appraisals / impact evaluations that are done in addition