The AATIF Technical Assistance Facility (TA Facility) is an integral part of AATIF and enhances AATIF’s financing activities with technical assistance support for AATIF’s investees to maximize their development potential and to achieve compliance with the Fund’s Social and Environmental Policy. Additionally, the TA Facility commissions rapid appraisals of all AATIF investments and initiates research and development activities to promote agri-finance in Africa.


The TA Facility is managed by the Common Fund for Commodities (CFC). The CFC is an intergovernmental financial institution established within the framework of the United Nations and is specialized in development projects for the global agricultural commodity sector. Four CFC staff members are dedicated to the identification, development, and management of AATIF TA Facility interventions. The CFC TA Facility team comprises expertise in tropical agriculture, project management, impact assessment and ESG risk management, as well as financial and administrative support.

To ensure that AATIF’s Technical Assistance is aligned with the mission of the Fund, the TA Facility Manager is supervised by the TA Facility Committee, which consists of representatives of TA Facility Donors, Fund sponsors and independent experts.

In regular TA Facility Committee meetings, to which AATIF’s Investment Manager and Compliance Advisor are invited as required, project proposals are presented, discussed and examined for approval, the ongoing portfolio of activities is being reviewed and progress monitored.

The AATIF TA Facility is financed with a total contribution of EUR 12 million provided by the German Ministry for Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Besides donor funds, the AATIF Board can decide to allocate income from AATIF to the TA Facility when needed.


Countries in Africa
where TA Facility projects are implemented


Number of TA Facility projects
approved in total

€4.5 million

Total funds pledged
to TA Facility projects


Number of agribusinesses and financial institutions
receiving TA Facility support

Number of TA Projects per Country