Which financing instruments and additional services does the Fund provide?

The AATIF provides debt and equity financing for a wide variety of investments in the African agricultural sector. However, the fund has taken the strategic decision not to pursue any equity investments for the time being.

What is the role of Deutsche Bank?

Deutsche Bank acts as the Investment Manager of the Fund. This means Deutsche Bank is responsible for sourcing and evaluation of investments, their due diligence and preparation of the investment proposals. The final decision about any investments will be made by the Investment Committee. Deutsche Bank will monitor existing investments and report regularly to the Funds’ shareholders. Deutsche Bank is also a significant shareholder of B-Shares. However, Deutsche Bank is not part of the investment committee.

What type of investments can the Fund make?

Investment instruments include senior debt, mezzanine instruments and equity. Debt instruments can have a maturity of up to 10 years and only in exceptional cases up to 12 years (infrastructure investments); equity (available for Direct Investments) can be adapted to the various needs of investment phases. The Fund can co-invest as part of a consortium and participate through risk sharing with a local bank or an intermediary.

Who can invest in the Fund?

AATIF is a public-private partnership (PPP) and open to investments from institutional investors, professional investors and other well informed investors within the meaning of the Luxembourg SIF law. In particular targeted investors are donor agencies, governments, international financial institutions and all professional private sector investors. Interested investors can contact AATIF.